Expanding Horizon

Been thinking of how I could effectively broaden my skill set. I like coding in C++, but pretty much all of my professional experience lies in web-development where C++ really isn’t a thing.

It would be more beneficial to focus on Javascript, specifically React- and VueJS but with games in mind (I love games). WebGL as a bonus which would also benefit from my C++ OpenGL based game engine project.

CSS (SCSS, LESS) also a large deficit currently. I’ll use my LookingGlass project for ReactJS. The rest I will need to conjure up a new idea for a game first.

Into the LookingGlass

Keeping track of inter project dependencies is a hassle. Once you have several micro-services depending on others micro-services and having them include the respective clients as dependencies, one can easily loose track of which service is including which client at a specified version.

GitHub sadly does not support a reverse dependency resolution. Therefore you cannot go into service-client-X’s repo and then see all services which have this service-client-X as a dependency.

LookingGlass is aimed to solve this issue. By querying your GitHub account’s repositories, it will import them (only definitions, branches, tags etc. and not the actual data in the repo 😉 ) and resolve the dependencies using the pom.xml file.

The database created will then enable you to see which project depends on what and which version.